The difference between carpet dry cleaning and wet cleaning

The process of cleaning a carpet is very important to any family as clean carpet is appealing to the eyes of any visitor. The method used should assure the owner that the carpet will be sparkling clean, fresh, and healthy to interact with. The cleaning method should remove all stains, grit, any sand particles or dirt without compromising the integrity of the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning method use solvents to clean the carpet instead of using water. The method applies very little moisture to the carpet and that¡¯s why it is referred to as ¡®dry method¡¯. The low moisture application offers the advantage of a short drying time as opposed to any method that uses gallons of water to drench the carpet. There are three methods used dry cleaning which includes; bonnet cleaning, absorbent compound cleaning and, encapsulation cleaning method.

Bonnet dry cleaning method is where the cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet so as to break down the soil particle on the surface of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning is a dry-chem type of cleaning method. A rotary machine is then used to agitate the solution. A cotton pad is used to absorb the solution and anytime the pad is soiled or dirty, it is replaced with a clean one until the carpet is sparkling clean.
Absorbent compound cleaning method which is a dry-compound type of carpet cleaning involves application of a highly absorbent solution that is mixed with a cleaning solvent and a small amounts of water. The mixture is spread onto the surface of the carpet and a machine is used to agitate the mixture deep into the fibers of the carpet. Any dirt is absorbed by the compound and after the carpet is clean, the mixture is extracted by the use of a vacuum cleaner.

Wet dry cleaning method on the other hand involves the uses of hot water or steam under pressure to remove the soil particle or dirt on the surface of the carpet. Wet cleaning methods includes; wet shampoo, and hot water extraction. The hot water under pressure is forced into the carpet dissolving all the dirt and is immediately sucked back cleaning the carpet. The water, just as in the dry cleaning method, contains detergents or compounds that suspend and extract the soil and dirt from the carpet, that is, a means by the hot water or steam to remove the oil, grease and other dirt on the carpet and extracting it into the waste tank. Also, by use of brushes, the machine used in the cleaning agitates the cleaning solution on the surface of the carpet so as to deeply remove all dirt. This explains why wet cleaning method is the widely and most recommended cleaning method by most carpet manufacturers. It is the most effective under all conditions of dirtiness in any carpet and does not compromise the lifespan of a carpet.

The difference between the wet and dry carpet cleaning method is best presented by their different advantages and disadvantages as discussed below.

Dry cleaning method offers a fast drying time. This is because the method applies very little moisture which is also sucked out of the carpet and thus it¡¯s a matter of minutes for the carpet to dry. This is contrary to the wet methods where water applied on the surface has to take about 4-24 hour for it to dry.

Dry cleaning methods are less time consuming and are relatively economical. The application of absorbents and other solvents is an issue of minutes. Also the little time spent in drying saves on the time it will take before the carpet is back to it¡¯s use. This factor makes it possible to clean many carpets within a given time as is opposed in the wet carpet cleaning method.

Dry cleaning method have a low cleaning and dirt extraction capacity. The methods are not very effective when the carpets are heavily loaded with soil. They will remove just the substantial bit but the carpet will not clean completely. The wet method offers this as an advantage because the hot water will be applied until all the soils are carried away.

From the above discussion, it is evident that dry carpet cleaning method is best applicable to interim and less soiled carpet due to their limited cleaning ability. Wet cleaning method is on the other hard appropriate for both interim, heavily soiled, and dirty carpets.
Below is an exclusive summary of the differences between the carpet cleaning methods.

In wet carpet cleaning; the carpet is first vacuumed, a chemical compound thats is left for some time to bond with the dirt is applied on the surface of the carpet, pressurised water or steam is injected onto the surface of the carpet, and finally the injected water is sucked out.

In dry cleaning method; the carpet is first vacuumed to remove suspended soil particles, cleaning product is applied onto the carpet, a pad absorbs the dirt, and the carpet is finally vacuumed.

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