How to remove wine stains on a rug

There is no worst experience for home d¨¦cor than when that precious glass of wine topples and spills leaving a huge blotch on your rug. No matter how expensive the brand was, we all hate wine spills especially because they can be quite a headache to clean. This is worse if you have no clue just where to begin. This is why we found it imperative to discuss how to remove wine stains on a rug.

There are many methods suggested one of them being blotting the stain with a clean cloth to sip out the unabsorbed wine. Using a sponge, you can then apply directly on the stain a solution made of two cups warm water and a tablespoon of vinegar using a sponge till the stain lifts. However, it is quite risky to use such methods on your rug especially if interior aesthetic appeal is very important or the rug very valuable. It is of utmost importance to consult a professional rug cleaning company to rid your rug of the stain. This is because of the following reasons. The company will;

Prevent fading

A professional rug cleaning company will know exactly what treatment to apply so as to leave your rug in as perfect a condition as it was before the stain. By trying to do it yourself, you might use the wrong treatment and make the stain worse or fade out the part where the spill lies therefore ruining your worthwhile investment.

Retain texture

Using the wrong treatment might tamper with the texture of the rug denying you the earlier soft feel of the rug since different rug textures need different spill cleaning treatments. A rug cleaning company will return a rug that still has its original feel. There will be no cause of worry that stain treatment ate away your fiber leaving a bald spot on your precious piece.

Keep home d¨¦cor intact

The professional rug cleaning company will decide how to remove wine stains on a rug by assessing the material which your rug is made of and deciding exactly which method to apply. They will leave the rug as it originally was and keep your home aesthetic appeal as it was originally before the stain.

Save you from nasty allergens

Removing a wine stain from a rug might expose you to allergens like dust or strong odours which might lead to allergic reactions. Having a professional rug cleaning company do the work for you can save you sniffles and perhaps even that dreaded visit to the doctor and the accompanying expenses and discomfort.

Though do it yourself methods might work, it can be quite challenging and time wasting to get rid of a wine stain. There is a much better and easier solution however and that is choosing a reliable professional rug cleaning company. Wine spills have no place in your agenda again as these companies have got it covered. Your rug will be as good as new in no time and you can enjoy your wine without excessive worries of spills.

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