How to Remove Pet Urine Smells From A Rug

If you own a pet or two and keep them indoors, you can be sure that at some stage they will do their business on your carpet or rugs. As a result, your carpet or rugs will begin to smell of their urine. This article has a brief look at how to get rid of pet urine smelling on a rug or carpet.
There are a few different ways to remove pet urine smells from carpet or rugs. These include the following:

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda Spray.
    This is a very affordable way to remove urine smells from rugs and carpets. Most people have vinegar and baking soda in their pantry. White vinegar is the best vinegar to use. It can even take out stains that have been on the rug or carpet for decades. Baking soda is also excellent to use.
    The things you will need for this process are: A couple of cups of white distilled vinegar, a couple of cups of lukewarm water, a spray bottle (if you wish), four large tablespoons of baking soda and a rag.
    Next, place a folded up rag over the stain. Then place a heavy book on top of the rag. Combine the vinegar and lukewarm water in a big bowl. Mix in four large tablespoons of baking soda. Do this in small amounts. This way it will not fizz over. Place the mixture into a spray bottle. Then spray onto the stain you wish to remove. Rub the stain with a dry cloth. Do this gently. And leave it to rest for about five minutes.
  2. Rent a Wet Vac or Extractor.
    These can be found in your local hardware stores. They are fantastic and ideal for heavy stains that may be in your carpets or rugs. It is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Always use the instructions provided with these machines before use. Only use plain water with them.
  3. Soak Up As Much Urine As You Can.
    This can be done with a mixture of paper towels and newspaper. It is best to remove the urine as soon as you can before it dries up. Next, place the paper towels on the wet area. Cover them with several pieces of newspaper. Stand on this for a minute or two. Take the padding away. Continue doing this method until the location is damp.
  4. Give The Odor Location A Rinse.
    Always rinse out the area where the smell or stains are. Do this thoroughly with clean and cool water. Once this has been done, remove take out as much water as possible with a wet vac.
  5. Carpet Stain Removers.
    If you have stains that have been set for some time, try a good carpet stain remover. Make sure the area is completely dry before using the stain remover.
    These are just a few ways that you can remove odors and stains from your rugs and carpets. Why not give these basic options a go next time your pet has stained your carpet or rug.

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